Essure Information and Updates on Apple News is now available on Apple News!

You can add the Broken Coils Essure Information and Updates channel to your Apple News feed here, open this link on iOS:

Now it will be easier for you to get the latest information and updates as it relates to Essure problems and lawsuits.

We will be sharing information about:

  • News within the media about Essure issues and problems.
  • New lawsuit filings and litigation updates of cases already underway.
  • Side Effect details about Essure. We will be offering up resources and links to more information on the different types of side effects women are experiencing from the birth control implant.
  • How we can provide help in the form of free legal case reviews.
  • Reposting of video content shared about Essure.

Free Case Review

Please share your experience having Essure with us to see how you can take action.