Essure Lawsuit In N.C. Burrell v. Bayer Corporation Ariel Grace

As of April 5th, 2017 the case of Burrell v. Bayer Corporation out of Asheville, North Carolina has received an order granting 28 Motion to Consolidate Cases for Discovery.

You can view the court documents and the history of this case using the links below. PDF

Ariel Grace Bill

The story of Kristiana Burrell's case against Bayer's Essure birth control is very personal. The lawsuit mentioned above is the latest in the history of Mrs. Burrell's problems with Essure.

In December 2013, (Dr. Stacy D.) Travis implanted Burrell with the Essure device. Two subsequent tests, however, showed it wasn't working, with the left fallopian tube not fully blocked. Despite using other forms of birth control, she became pregnant.

Late one night in June 2015, Burrell began bleeding and suffering pain in her abdomen. Then, her water broke, and she partially delivered a breech baby while still at home. She delivered a stillborn girl, whom she and her husband named Ariel Grace, at 24 to 27 weeks.


On June 8th, 2016 Rep. Fitzpatrick, Michael G. [R-PA-8] introduced H.R.5403, which was affectionately named "Ariel Grace's Law."

You can view more about this back story to the Burrell v. Bayer Corporation lawsuit here:

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