Planned Parenthood Essure Problems Information

There is much information out there about Essure birth control implants by Bayer Pharmaceutical.

Planned Parenthood has many resources about birth control options for women and this article "What can I expect if I get a tubal ligation?" has a lot of great information to share.

Planned Parenthood Recognizes Issues

Most symptoms only last a short time. But call your doctor immediately if you:

  • bleed a lot from an incision (the cut from your procedure)

  • get a rash or fever

  • have difficulty breathing

  • have severe, continuous pain in your belly

  • have unusual discharge or odor from your vagina

There are specifics shared in this Planned Parenthood article "How safe is tubal ligation?" that highlight additional issues with Essure.

Essure Problems

With all of this great information about Essure, how could so many women have been affected?

A lot of this information has been coming to light since 2012. Even this recent TV News station story explains how it can take another seven years to uncover more details about the side effects of Essure.

As of today, there have been more than just the problems Planned Parenthood warns women who are considering Essure as a form of safe birth control.

You can view a Complete list of Essure Side Effects to get a clear understanding as to what is currently known to date.

Get A Free Case Review

You may have options; you can receive help. Please reach out to us and share your experience with Essure. Whether you had the device removed or are considering the removal procedure, we can offer a free case review to see how may be able to help you with legal action and issues you may be having with Essure.